Thursday, August 03, 2006

Garden Box Update

Here they are: on the left is the before and the right is this mornings picture. As you can see, my cucumbers (on the right side) have really taken off. They loved those really hot days we just had.

The cucumbers are quite a bit taller, and if you look closely, you will also see that my sunflower is almost as tall as my tomoto plant now.

Bell peppers on the left, and hot peppers on the right. Not too much longer and I'll have my homemade salsa. The only thing I am waiting on is going to be the onions. They are growing at their own pace....and it happens to be slow!

I decided ( a little late) to grow some lettuce...leaf and romaine. I thought that since I got a late start, I would try some in a 'greenhouse' and at the same time, not waste any of the seeds by giving them a fighting chance in the other garden box (along with the pumpkins). Well, as you can see...the garden box seeds have sprouted before the greenhouse. Go figure! I wonder who will end up healthier?! I'll let you know. Posted by Picasa


Jenn Turner said...

Sweet garden~ it's making me want some fresh salsa!

Jared, Misty & Ethan said...

Just go to the store and buy some!!! Just kidding. I'm glad you are doing all this gardening now, it makes me want to do it too. Someday... Love ya, Misty p.s. We need to take a trip to the Zoo with our little guys soon.

Sabrina said...


The Eddy's said...

Go Robin with your green thumb! I miss having dirt to play in.