Saturday, August 05, 2006

Our Fun Project

Chris and I took on a fun project of my parents back yard. (This first picture is long after the beginning of the process, but mid-way is better than none at all.) Chris is packing the dirt in preperation for the seed/fertalizer.

Seed + Water =

GRASS! A whole bunch of it! So much so, that we had to.....

MOW IT! There was so much that it took 2 of us to mow. :-) Looks pretty good back there if you ask me. Now, the side yard is next! You can see more pictures on my parents blog, the link is on the sidebar at the top. Thanks for looking! Posted by Picasa

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The Eddy's said...

Holy-moly! For half a second there, I thought that these were pics of your back yard and that you tore out your "water feature" in the corner! Jeesh! Your parent's yard looks great, good job you guys! (I'm glad that you still have your little waterfall, it's such a great addition to your yard, it makes it more peaceful.)