Saturday, December 09, 2006

It snowed!!

So, it was several days ago, and I am late in blogging, but here's the proof. The first pic was on the go...the second is our entrance to our neighborhood...the third is our house.

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Jenni said...

Beautiful! I love the snow but I'm glad ours is gone :) It was nice while it lasted though! Your Ethen sure is getting big!

Nicole said...

No fair Robin! I want snow!
It hardly ever snows here.
It snowed last week for about an hour. But it didn't stick. Lucky.

Grandpa Mac said...

I love snow too. Especially this winter since I have tons of wood piled up for the fireplace & tons of food in the pantry. I even wouldn't mind losing power for awhile...but I would miss C.S.I. & Medium. And my sports on TV & talking to all my friends on the computer. Hmmm...guess I wouldn't like to lose power after all.