Thursday, January 25, 2007

Then and Now

Here I am...5 months along with Ethen in the
left-hand picture, and on the right, 5 months along
with Judah. I am not sure if Judah is bigger, or
if I am bigger, or if it's just my tummy.
Either way, at least now, people aren't
giving me the funny look wondering if I've
just gained a little holiday weight, or if I
really am pregnant. Actually, truth be told,
it may be a little of both?!
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Jim and Tammie said...

Most people show more after the 1st - something to do with our stomach muscles and body knowing what to do...someone else could explain it better. I have heard that after the first the body knows what to do and things just move around faster. Also there are not as many stomach muscles to stretch after the 1st. YOU LOOK GREAT!!!

emily said...

Oh my gosh...we are having a boy too and his name is also Judah. How funny. What is your due date?

ethensMOMMY said...

My due date is June 7, how about yours?