Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm so lucky!!!!

We have the cutest boy around...(no offense to all the other mostly cute boys around). Ethen's favorite toys right now are the life-like animals...mostly the shark, which is a tie right now with the Superman action figure that he got too! He loves to take his shark on walks, in the tub, to bed, in the hot tub, and pretty much anywhere we'll let him. In just 3 weeks he'll be 2 years old. Wow, time is flying!! He is not really aware of Judah's soon coming...I think my tummy is just a bit in the way of him playing at times, but other than that...I think he's clueless.

He loves to go in the hot tub too!! He was wearing jeans earlier this day, but he found his swim trunks and wanted to put them on. So, there you go!!
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The Eddy's said...

Ari will be so proud, He loves to see the next generation carrying the shark-loving tourch! : ) Wow, I can't believe that Ethen is nearly two now...time flies whether you are having fun or not! Let's just hope that you are, having fun that it! : )

Grandpa Mac said...

Lookin' less like grandpa & more like Chris every day. What a big boy our Ethen is turning out to be!!