Wednesday, May 16, 2007

12 More Days!!

I am excited...only a little over a week left. I am not really anxious or nervous. I figure they do these procedures quite often, so I have nothing to be worried about.

I am feeling pretty good...nothing unusual that is. Same old uncomfortable feelings and pangs, but nothing out of the ordinary. I hate to say it, but my favorite outfits now primarily include elastic! (How embarrasing?!)

Chris and I went for a long walk last night along the Columbia river. It was really nice to get out and be 'alone'. My momma came over and watched Ethen...I have a great mom! She will be the one at the hospital the most due to Chris taking care of Ethen most of the time. He is taking the first week (at least) off work to stay home with us. And...I have a great husband too! (Quick brag moment) I know you probably feel the same way about your husbands...but really, mine is the best! No kidding!!! I couldn't have asked, or even wished for a better guy. Not only is he best for me, but he's best....period! I love you Chris!


Sabrina said...

Looking forward to meeting this little guy!

Anonymous said...

that would be nice to know when you will be seeing your new baby! i am not so anxious as i have been, but still would really really like him to come like ummm today!!
i better not be prego still next week! we are doing some serious walking at that point (=
oh by the way, my husband is the best too, what a coincidence (=