Thursday, May 31, 2007

Aren't crying faces cute?!

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mommarazzi said...

Ohhhh...Couldn't you just kiss that little face! I want to come and see him. It'll have to be after school gets out. Tell him not to grow up too fast. Man, are we looking forward to August, September and October. Babies and more babies.

You are very blessed. Two perfect little guys. What a way to start the summer.

God bless your little family. Hope to see you soon.

Jenni said...

He is such a cutie Robin! I can't wait to hear more from you about how the birth went. How are you feeling? Blessings!

The Eddy's said...

Holy-moly, you could've said something on my answering machine!!! We've been off line due to an exchange of lap tops, so I haven't seen or heard anything!!!! What's up? How are you doing? Wow, I think that I am in shock that you had him already. Congratulations, he looks are you feeling?

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