Saturday, May 05, 2007

Does Two Times Make a Trend??

We are quite excited in the Webberley household. Ethen slept through the night in his bed again. Yahoo!! He woke up around his normal time, between 6:30 and 7am. Wow. I shouldn't be surprised, but at the same time I am. He really does well with transitions that we put him though. If anything, I think that we make a bigger deal about them than he would. So there you have it. We are proud and we want to you to know!

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Tamara said...

Hey Robin! I love you lots and I'm so proud of you! I hope to see you in August, but if you guys can't make it, no worries, I'll forgive you, but I'll need a little inscentive to get over it. Really big wedding GIFTSSS. Ha ha! I'm teasing! No really. I want you to know, if coming to Hawaii doesn't fit into your priorities for your family, finances, etc., please follow the Lord and your priorities. Which I know you will do. I just want you to know that I love you and would totally love it if you could make it because being around you is such a joy to my life, but I'm completely prepared for those that can't make. I will understand. Hopefully, then, you could make it to the reception in WA. I really want to see and for you to meet my new husband. I'll talk to you soon. Love you so much, Robin, love you sooo much . . .:)