Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My baby shower...'s about that time again. We are getting our thoughts put together for a baby shower for when Judah comes. His theme is 'animals' and we are getting things all in one place for his 'space' in our room. I am due in just about a month. The baby bag is packed and ready to go, my bag is beginning to be packed.
The date for the shower is going to be May 12th around 3pm at my house. (It was going to be the 26th, then the 19th, but we've finally decided on this one. Sorry for the confusion.) I'll send out invites as soon as I get them printed up. They are looking so cute. Judah's colors are going to be brown and robin's-egg-blue. I can't wait?!
Speaking of waiting, I had an appointment today and it seems as though the conclusion for delivery is going to be a repeat cesarian. I will be able to deliver about 7-10 days early even. Aren't we impatient?!