Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Only 5 days to go!

Things are going well on the homefront. It is hard to relax when you have a toddler (or even more for some of you). I have been trying to take it easy, but this nesting thing gets the best of me sometimes. Yesterday I detailed the van (which is usually clean anyways, thanks to Chris), but I have to one point, I couldn't get a small corner with the rag and I was quite tempted to get a toothpick from the house to get it all the way clean---I resisted, as I would have been embarrased later telling the story. That, and I was able to get it out with my pinky nail after a minute of digging. Now I have a clean van to go to the hospital with.

We have our pre-op appointment on Sunday, YAHOO!!!

I am not sure if counting down the days is making it easier on me, or making me more anxious. I just wish I could quit carrying this little boy around and finally get to hold him. Soon enought, I know.

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