Friday, May 25, 2007

Welcome Judah Gary!

As many of you know already, Judah is here! He decided he couldn't wait any longer and pushed the eject button (I didn't know mommy's came equipped with those...) a few days early, which we didn't mind at all! We can tell already how different his personality is from Ethen. He is very laid back and in fact has hardly made any noises all day long. Mainly, he's just slept and been chillin, which works great for Robin. Ethen was quite active inside of Robin (at his 10 week ultra sound he was moving around in there like he'd had five shots of caffeine or something) and was that way the day he was born. Judah on the other hand, was much less active and has been that way since he was born. Isn't it amazing how God puts stuff in us from the very start
that we don't do anything for? Feel free to come visit Judah, he would love
to see you (I asked him). He's booked to be there till Monday and then he has an
extended gig at the Webberley house after.
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jacquelyn said...

congratulations guys! if we end up going to the hospital this weekend maybe we will stop in and see him (=

lisagirl123 said...

ohh hes soooo cute i wish i could come visit you but your getting out of the hospital tomarrow

well love you guys