Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day!

(written by Robin: I know that you are not my dad, but your boys can't write or tell you what you would hear today, so here goes:)

You are an amazing daddy!
You sacrifice continually for all of us.
You get up early to take care of us...even today on 'your' day.
You spend time with us....whether you are tired, sick, or full of energy.
You lead by example.
You pray with us, even though we don't entirely know what prayer is.
You have vision for us; even beyond the present world.
You want us to have character, not just a good time living.
You discipline us (just Ethen so far) and it hurts your heart, but you know it is God's way.
You are willing to go the extra mile, b/c we are worth it to you.
You don't just spend time with us, you invest with purpose into us.
You treat mom better than gold.
You have a goal for education for us, even though we don't even know what school is yet!
This is pray for our wives, and that's a long time away, but you care already!

We love you Dadda!

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