Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lynne is at it again!

You are amazing and so is your green thumb! Lynne came over and replanted my barrel again. She does such beautiful arrangements, but she'd never tell you that. You are really great Lynne, thanks so much for blessing me again and again!


jeff & marisa said...

Beautiful flowers! And I wanted to say congrats on another beautiful baby boy!

The Eddy's said...

I love Lynne's garden of eden! I miss it! How are you doing, Mama!?! I finally got around to up-dating our blog, so you'll have to check us out. Give me a call sometime when you aren't completely exhausted!!! : ) I love you and again, I am really sorry that we didn't get to see eachother while we were up in the NW...I miss you!

Samantha's Journey said...

Robin, I found your blogspot and read all about your babies. How fun! Here is mine, I just set it up because I have plans. I also started flying lessons I will have to tell you about it - they wouldn't let me do loops. Those instructors!!!! Talk to ya later. Samantha Roberts

Samantha's Journey said...

here is my email, Robin