Sunday, July 15, 2007

Long Beach Pics

This past week we went to Long Beach (WA). We had a good time overall...some minor negatives (Chris got stung by a bumble bee;Ethen got a large sliver in his finger and wouldn't let us get it out; Ethen got sand in his eyes and rubbed it in; the hot water heating element went out in the cabin we were staying in and after 4 hours of work we still couldn't get it fixed...John and Kim came and fixed it in a jiffy...thanks guys!; and...we went on a way-too-long walk and ended up carrying Ethen for about 2 miles...argh!)

We got to relax, watch some TV, go for a lot of walks, pet a couple horses near the cabin, eat Scoopers ice cream and be together as a family with no other distractions. We saw a beautiful sunset the first evening we were there. We also got to go on several beach walks. It was a nice time to get away, just the 4 of us. Here are some pictures...we took our camera, but never unpacked it...these were taken with our phones. :-)

(By the way, Judah is doing a better job of sleeping. The soft pillow thing is really working, he sleeps about 4 hours at a time, day and night!)

Chris riding the McDonalds Slide

We left our 'mark' at Long Beach'

Ethen was 'drawing' in the sand...this is his dolphin

Here is his drawing of a starfish :-)


Samantha's Journey said...

Miss ya guys. Hay what is your e-mail address. Love Samantha.

jacquelyn said...

so are you saying he sleeps on a pillow? myabe i should try that!
i wnat to see a picture of judah... are you going to post any soon (= i want to see his chubbiness! (=