Sunday, August 26, 2007

Newport and the Oregon Coast Aquarium

This past weekend we went to Newport, Oregon and the was quite fun....yet uneventful. We walked around quite a bit, visited the beach, the old part of town where the seals lay on the docks and ate at 'Mo's Restuarant'...mmm.

It is so neat to see Ethen so excited to go see the 'amals' (aka 'animals') whenever we go somewhere. Whether it's birds, cows, horses, goats or sea life, he's quite excited to see it all. Here he is running into the entrance of the aquarium to see the seals.

He loves to bang on the glass, no matter the animal. He was quick to point out crabs, starfishes, 'Nemo' and 'Dory'. Man, is he cute?!

The seals down on the docks are 'noisy' to him...meaning it is also kinda scary. Overall, I think he liked it and he wants to go back.

We were just hanging out in the hotel and I tried to get him to pose with his Buzz Lightyear shirt, but no cigar. He sure loves Buzz and Woody right now.

On the road and still in our routine of putting him to bed with some milk and a story...actually 3 stories is the usual. He is so cute! We can't get enough of him either...typical parents! :-) Chris is such a good daddy...he is the one to put Ethen to bed most of the time. I love you Chris. You are a great hubby too!


The Eddy's said...

Chris looks sleepy in this pic, you guys are are super man and super woman keeping up a very busy life with two little boys; a toddler AND and new born. I don't know how you do it all, but I am very impressed and I want lessons!!! : )

P.S. I absolutely LOVE the pic of Ethen walking away...I've always loved the "walking away" pics, but this one is exceptional. It's just so perfectly set up with the edges of the path he's on and the trees around on both sides. It's beautiful.

I love you guys,
~Kristen Fairlight Eddy

The Eddy's said...

Ethen got your ears!!! ; ) He's just so cute!!! He looks like a little man, not in a Jeremy Herzer way, like an old man, just a cute, good looking man in a tiny body, I love it!!! : )