Friday, August 31, 2007

Roseburg...6 hours later. Ugh!

Well, I learned something. Don't travel with small children during rush hour; don't plan on making any stops unless absolutley necessary; and try to do the bulk of the travel time during sleeping hours.

Yeah, it took me 6 hours to make a 3 hour drive. I did run into a little bit of traffic, and I did make 2 (somewhat unnecessary) stops...bad idea. In all actuality, the kids were great. It was just a learning experience. I had to laugh at myself though, and there was really nobody to get frustrated with except myself.

So, I am here, night #2, both boys are sleeping soundly. I am staying until Monday (leaving at nap time!). I am really excited to hear Brother Bradley Stewart speak at Denay's church (Garden Valley). More than excited, I am expectant for what the Lord will say to me during his teachings. Whether it is from Bradleys mouth or by the Holy Spirit, I am expectant!! So, believe with me if you will. I'll let you know the good word when I hear it.

Chris is taking his mom to the circus that is in Portland. I am sure that they will have a good time. While I am away, Chris rented some movies. I am sure that when I get back, the house will be immaculately clean, the yard will be beautiful, the cars (except the one I am in) will be spotless and everything will be in it's place and in complete harmony...until 2 kids and a promoter come home. The dogs will go wild, the bags will be dragged in, the toys and books will immediatly layer the clean floors and the noise will go up about 100 decibles! Sounds like home, huh??

I miss home. I always have a good time away, but not to be plageristic, "there's no place like home". (Especially since Denay's house is full of no-no's: dogs, trinkets, plants, pretty things, you know...non-toddler homes).

I went to visit with Sabrina and Matthew today. We had a good time. (Aka: Sabrina and I had severly interupted conversation while all the kids ran madly around the house for a couple hours.) I'd do it again in a heart beat though...that's life as moms!! Thanks Sabrina and the way, beautiful home and wonderful girls. Yipee for lazy Fridays!

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