Thursday, September 06, 2007

Dr. Bradley's Word for me.

I said I'd follow up and here it is. This past Sunday, I was in Roseburg while Dr. Bradley Stuart was speaking. He has been in our church several times and I decided to take the trip to the Burg to hear him again (he's always worth it).

After the teaching, Pastor Craig gave the alter call for a couple of different things (neither were my description, but I wanted a word from Bradley, so I went up....first!). This was his word for me...any interpretations? (We have our own, but it is always nice to have other perspectives). He said many words inbetween, but there was 4 main points, I'll share 3:

1) The Lord is taking the stone off the well in my life.
2) I am a nurturer and God is going to use it and bless it in me.
3) The dam will break forth.

I know that God is so faithful to complete the work that He began in me/us. We are expectant for what God is going to do in us this month!

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