Sunday, September 23, 2007

We're Here!!

Those crazy Webberleys! I know that's what you're thinking...I did too! We loaded up and drove to Disneyland. We left Friday evening about 10pm or so and arrived Saturday around 4pm. We went to D-land last night for just a little while, so enjoy the pics...more to come later!

Here we are leaving our hotel and walking to D-land. Sitting down watching the parade....

...with typical parade food! Ethen was mezmorized by all the characters. It was precious to see his response to the floats and characters.
We decided to go on the Buzz Astro-Blasters and it was worth it! This next picture is Ethen after the Buzz ride and he found his way to all the loot. It was quite difficult to tear him from his new found toy friends.

*Cute story: As we were settling down for bed, I was talking to Ethen a little about our day and what to expect tomorrow. I told him we were going to see big, big, big Buzz and Woody (meaning real life size) and that he could give them a high five. Then....
Ethen said "Momma, big Buzz....hug?"
Robin said "Sure Ethen, you can give Buzz a hug".
E - "Momma, Momma, big Buzz....kiss?"
R - "Sure, Buddy, you can give big Buzz a kiss".
E - "Momma...Woody too?"
R - "Sure, Ethen, you can give both Buzz and Woody a kiss and hug tomorrow...good night".

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Alex said...

I can't believe you guys went to Disneyland!!!

Alex Fisher