Thursday, October 04, 2007

No Comment?

If you are anything like me, we're getting a little blog-lazy. I have noticed that there haven't been many comments lately being left on blogs. And, again, if you are anything like me, you check out the blogs almost every day, smile and laugh, but click on without leaving a comment.

So, what do you say? Leave a comment once in a while to let us know it's worth it to keep up our blog.


Anonymous said...

I did, I did! I preempted your comment post! I like your blog!

Jed & Emily said...

I haven't had any comments in over a month on my blog. I'm kinda bad about leaving them too though. It is nice to get comments cause then you know if someone is reading it.
I hope you are having a great fall. Come read my blog again.
Emily Brinkley

mommarazzi said...

I need comments too. I love your boys and their antics. Keep on bloggin along.

Hannah (springy) said...

Hey Chris and Robin,
How are you guys!! I'll start trying to write more Commments even if its just Hi!!

Jenni said...

You are worth every minute of my time :) Loved all your fun posts from Disney Land, I know what you mean though about not wanting to keep it going without a little encouragement. It's nice to know people care. Love you Robin!