Monday, October 22, 2007

The Outcome...

1st day of potty training...not too bad. Here's the stats:
5 pairs of underwear
2 shirts
1 superman cape
3 puddles on the floor
1 little #2 in his underwear
4 successful toilet trips
1 bonus of a small #2 in the toilet
12 books read
4 stories sung (more than once each)
Countless trips to the bathroom (one lasted an hour...with no success)
1 great day of bonding
1 gummy worm treat
2 new toys
1 donut treat...
and a great night of sleep ahead!!


Kaileen said...

way to go ethen keep up the good work you will get there

Hannah said...

YAY!! He's learning!!(kinda) but it seems like its going good!!