Saturday, October 13, 2007

You Gotta Check this out... featured these guys that carve pumpkins, but they have way more on their website. I won't do them justice by explanation, so I'll let you check them out yourselves. There is a lot of fun ones, but I think my favorite is the empty tomb!


Jenni said...

Okay Robin, those were by far (as far as my vote goes) the cutest pictures you have posted, ever! What cuties :) And I just love and miss your humor! You should come stay with us in our tiny house, we would clean out a spot for you guys to sleep under the dining room table ;) Love you! You have cute babies!

Julia Hodges said...

Those pumpkin carvers were amazing!! I think our favorite was the empty tomb one also!! I wish my pumpkins turned out like that! :o)