Monday, November 12, 2007

Boys Update

Here is Ethen just after he woke up from his nap. He wears a naptime/nighttime diaper, but other than that, the is totally diaper free! We are so proud of him. He de-robed himself and went to the bathroom ALL BY HIMSELF. (He does it every once in a while.) When I asked him if I could help, he told me no and pointed his finger at me. He is growing up so fast!

This is Judah eating his first solids. I grew some carrotts in my garden this year, and couldn't eat them all, so I made some baby food out of them. I was quite proud of myself. Anyway, he's doing really well now. He still doesn't like fruits yet, but he does like carrotts and sweet potatoes. Isn't he cute?!


Jenni said...

Love the video of Judah, he eats solids better than Cait does at this point! Tonight she had carrots for the first time :) But she's still not eating them very well, maybe it's because I only started giving her solids every day, like three days ago! :) Cute boys Robin!

Kaileen said...

awww i thought you werent going to do solids for a while.

woot carrots and he likes them way to go judah i cant wait to see what he wants to eat next.

Hannah said...

They are both so cute!!!!!!!

LPSM said...

Congrats on the Potty training success. I'm right their with you. Judah amazes me more every time I see him. He is doing great with those carrots. You have a couple of awesome boys!

jacquelyn said...

that picture of ethen is HILLARIOUS! i have so much to look forward to (=
what a snuggle bear judah is (= i tried giving valen some rice cereal and he didnt quite know what to do with it, it was cute.
i would love to grow vegetables in a garden, but i have already killed like 6 plants this summer..... it was aweful (=