Sunday, November 04, 2007

Funny (potty) stories

Well, my classicly funny son has done it again. He has 3 funny potty stories to share with you. He is doing really well...basically accident free. Although, here's some good laughs:

1st day of potty training, no more diapers, time to go potty in the toilet, etc...we said it all and my goal was to try him every 1/2 hour (after giving him all the soda/juice he wanted). At 25 minutes he went behind the chair in the other living room and took off his underwear and went potty ON them. Oops...then again after another 25 minutes he did the same thing on his other pair of underwear.

#2...(literally)...he went in his underwear (under the piano bench, of course) and then put the poo ON Zurg (the enemy/father of Buzz Lightyear). Then he came and told me "Poo Poo on Zurg Momma". Lucky me!

3st story happened last night at the Woodland Oak Tree. Chris was holding and walking Judah (who was tired, but wouldn't go to sleep) while I finished my salad. Ethen decided he needed to go potty, so Chris took both boys to the restroom. Ethen went potty and 'big' potty, then Chris went potty in the toilet too. Ethen then told Chris, "Dadda...potty...toilet...good job." Ethen came running up to the table and yelled, "mama, I poo poo toilet." Good times with toddlers, huh?!

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Hannah said...

Funny sounds like fun!!!