Sunday, December 23, 2007

Mr. Biter Biscuit

Here's Judah after/during a yummy biscuit! He was very messy, but oh so cute! He really enjoys being in his walker. He is going to be 7 months on Tuesday and there is no indication of him walking any time soon. He can run all over the hardwood in his walker as you can see in the movie below.He sits up really well. He can roll over just fine, but he has yet to pull his knees up to crawling position. I guess when you have a big brother who entertains you will all of his toys, why move?! And...special note for Grandma...his left hand was way more messy and crusty than his right hand!


Keith said...

Hey Webberley family,
Just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you and praying for you tonight. Stay the course. It's gonna be worth it. Love, Keith

The Eddy's said...

Hi-ya! Thanks for the fun postage. I got it today, and yummy, so comfy and soft. Thank you...your's is a bit of a project, so it will get to you in a week or so. You've got to check my blog...there's a really wonderful little New Year's Eve surprize that I got to post pics of. (No, I'm not pregnant.) : )