Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Webb Family Happenings

Ethen completed his first puzzle all by himself!

It snowed!! We are so very happy about that! This is Ethen's snow gauge...doesn't look like too many inches?! The snow didn't last long, so we headed for the mountains...

We made a trip up to Dave and Cheryls' house on Saturday in hopes of finding 'feet' of snow...no luck. We had as much fun as possible anyway!

Judah...all bundled up...along with mama!

Chris (and Ethen) made this snowman for Dave and Cheryl. We just about used up all the snow to make it though. My favorite part of being up there with them (at 1000 feet) was watching Ethen pick up snow by the handful (not snowballs) and throw them at each of us from only a foot away...and the really warm fire when it was time to go inside! He's so cute! I was sad to hear that the rain melted the snowmans head off by the next morning. Oh well...just means we'll have to go up and make another one when the next snow hits! Hope thats ok with you guys!

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Hannah said...

I really want to go in the snow right now!!!! Just wanted to say Hi so HI!!!