Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!!

We brought in the new year with a ..... well .... a phone call. Actually it was sort of a rough evening. So, Chris and Ethen ended the evening with some time in the hot tub, and upon getting out, Ethen slipped on the wet deck and got A THREE-SPIDERMAN-BANDAID-OWIE! Serious stuff here folks! That made it all better. So, then as I was making some popcorn for Chris and I to enjoy before bed...Judah burned four of his fingers on the popper...OUCH! It only took one minute for it to blister. (I'll post pics later.) After a couple hours of home treatment, we decided to take him to the ER (the only doctors office open at 11pm) and he has only 2nd degree burns thankfullly. It could have been a lot worse. Although, as far as Emergency Room visits, I would say this was the most smooth and quick I have ever experienced! So, at 12:00am, I was on the road going home, talking to Chris on the phone, giving him the discharge paperwork information and the update on Judah.
(I am not the type to take this as a sign of the year to come...good thing?!) Even though all this happened in one evening, I know that God is a good God and that this coming year is going to be a blessed and fun year! And we pray the same for you. That you would grow more in Christ's image and character! God bless you today!

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Anonymous said...

that is so sad that they both got hurt on the same day, i hope those burns get better real soon!
happy new year!