Saturday, February 16, 2008

He Stands!

Dave and Cheryl were here for lunch (along w/ my parents) and they stayed and had fun. Cheryl, Judah and I went for a walk while the boys played for a while. Then Ethen and Cheryl played w/ flashlights upstairs for a long time while Judah napped. I guess it was a power nap, b/c when Jude woke up...he did some standing exercises! Way to go Jude!! Your world will never be the same. By the way, he is 9 days shy of 9 months....yikes?!

He stood for about 5 seconds at one point.
This opens up a whole new world for him.

Here's a short clip of him standing. In the background you can hear his brother playing, as well as Daddy and Dave playing Halo 3. Sorry it's sideways. That's how the camera recorded it. You'll just have to do the head-tilt thing. It's worth the 2 seconds of standing!!

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Jenni said...

Yeah! Way to go Judah!!! I'm very impressed! He beat Cait on the standing, but I hadn't heard or don't remember, is he crawling yet? He must be! Cait stood on her own for about 2 seconds the other day, she's pretty close. The hardest part is that she wants to take a step so bad that she can't get her balance, but all in good time right? :) Bless you Robin, thanks for all the updates, your boys are precious!