Friday, February 08, 2008

Judahs Latest

Well, it happened. It seemed like it all happened in a day, but it didn't. No, he's not walking...or even crawling for that matter. But there have been some developments.
~He now has 2 teeth (I already blogged about that).
~He can suck from a straw! Yipee!
~He won't crawl forward or backward, but he spins in circles (kinda like a lazy-susan).
~He sits up and leans forward so far that he is in the crawling stance (except for 1 leg).
~While laying on the floor, he'll pull his legs under him and sorta get in crawling position.
~Tonight, for the first time, he was in the bath tub and he pulled himself up and stood up...holding on to the side of the tub?! Oh my goodness...that one shocked me.

Yep, my littlest boy is growing up quick.

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