Monday, February 11, 2008

Ok, I'm counting it!

Judah said Mama today and I blew it off, but then he said it again I'm counting it. I tried to get it on tape but no luck. Also, he stood up in the tub again. And...every time I sat him down he got right back up again. That little rascal!

P.S. For those who were wondering, Chris was putting away my new knife after using it to cut the cheese and he missed the sleeve and cut his finger. Ouch! He said it throbbed quite a bit today. Yep, he's human?!


Grandpa Mac said...

Way to go Judah. I was coaching him on "gampa" but I guess "mama" is just to easy to start with. I'm not giving up tho' of these kids is gonna say gampa before they say gamma! ;-))

Anonymous said...

valen has been pulling himself up this week too, he tried in the bath last night and it didnt help, he kept doing it the whole time, how are we supposed to bathe them? maybe i should just skip to showers(=
i cant wait to hear him say mama to me, that is so special!

Julia Hodges said...

I love hearing kids first words! I've been trying to get my niece Hannah to say "Auntie" but all I get is "da da da da" :o) That's what she says for everything. Someday though. We're hoping to come visit in the next couple months! I'll let you know for sure so I can see you this time! How was your Valentine's Day?