Thursday, March 27, 2008

New hair...sorta

Here you go Jenni! I got my hair cut again...this time a little shorter than before. Sorry dad. It is fun...I can put gel in it and wear it straight or curl it to look like the pics above. It is just barely long enough to put in a pony. You know, hair grows back. I have sworn that I wouldn't do the new mom short boys like my hair to much; but I do want to have it look good either primped or not. I won't say never, but I won't cut my hair any shorter than what I have it now. I guess that's what pre-natals are for, huh?!
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Jenni said...

Very cute Robin, I like it, it looks nice on you. And your little Judah, he's getting SO big! I still can't believe I've never met your boys yet! One day our kids will meet :) Bless you!

jacquelyn said...

that length is nice on you. i am assuming your dad likes long hair, so does mine and whenever i say i am going to get a hair cut again, he gets all annoyed..... but then he says how lovely i look when it is short.... .
i just hate my hair long, it is stringy and flat and since i dye it all the time it would be very fried!
hope you guys are doing well!