Monday, April 07, 2008

I'm a Penguin...

Today was my first day at Clark...again. I went back in '97. I didn't finish my AA, so I am now. I am signed up for 10 credits/2 classes. Ugh! I hope that I have the diligence needed to do as well as I'd like. I am doing them both by telecourse, meaning there is no in-class teachings. One of the classes has tests each week, but otherwise, my nose will be in books and study cards, in the computer and watching videos. Fun times!

I want to teach my kids the importance of education, but to admit to them that I didn't even finish my 2 year degree would seem incongruent of that. Chris hasn't stopped going to school since he was 5. He is attending Western Seminary in Portland and has a ways to go before he earns his Masters in Divinity! So, here begins the journey..... again. :-) I have taken a quiz already today (after doing a couple hours of reading) and I got 5 out of 5. Not too shabby!


Tamara said...

Hi Robin, Tam is busy eating dinner so I am commenting. We like to see how our friends are doing and I for one am also into education and learning. I'm glad you're going back to school. You should do well I'm sure of it. I actually did better when I went for my masters in education. So I guess the more degrees you get the easier school becomes (learn how to take tests without knowing the entire answer to the questions) :) Aloha from Hawaii!!

jacquelyn said...

wow, you guys are busy! that is so nice that you can take the classes from home, how convenient is the internet.
our babies are almost 1 year, isnt that crazy!! i am so excited for valen to be one year.... i dont remember being this excited about dahlia, but for some reason i am this time around. boys are so much fun, i really had no idea! (=