Monday, June 02, 2008

Any ideas??

We are coming up on our 6th anniversary and I am open for ideas and suggestions. What do you think?


mommarazzi said...

Isn't it like 2 months away? When we had little kids we never went away or anything. Usually just out to eat. One year Harlan's parents watched the kids and we were able to take their new Volvo when we went to dinner. Just riding in that car was a wonderfully refreshing experience.

Our 29th anniversary is in July and we've been talking about getting a room out by the airport so we can take our bikes and ride the trails that are fairly new out there. There are so many fun places to shop and walk and ride in that area. Very little gas used and it's just fun to have a change of scenery. Plus you can take great MAX adventures out to east county or Hillsboro or just downtown. P-town has a lot to offer. Kayaking on the WIllamette? Hiking in Forest Park? Picnicing at Washington Park Rose Garden? Cheap food and pop at any establishment with a happy hour..... I'm all for local adventures.

The Webbs said...'s the beginning of August, but I'd like to get ideas sooner than later. Deals are cheaper if you get em sooner!