Friday, June 27, 2008

Fun w/ the Carmi's!

It was predicted to be warm, so we decided to have a day in the back yard with some good friends! Aren't they so cute?! Caiah is about to have her 4th birthday (mid July) and Rosi is 8 months in a couple days. Arent' Jer and Shekinah a beautiful couple!

It was time to say goodbye and Ethen and Caiah posed for one last picture. We asked them to put their arms around each other and they ended up holding hands, how cute! This is Judah just chillin in the hot weather. It was so much fun outside, we decided to have dinner back here.
Chris made some yummy chicken on the BBQ. He is such a good BBQ chef.
Thanks for the super dinner Babe! You are so great!

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jacquelyn said...

i saw the title of this entry in my google feed reader and i thought it said "fun with the carnis" as in carnival creepy workers! how funny, then to my surprise i see my best friend and family! i havent seen rosy since your house at the pampered chef party, she is so cute!
i love seeing little kids hug or snuggle each other, so adorable.