Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Actually, I do...

A typical line from Ethen right now usually starts with 'actually'. It is so cute to hear a 3 year old say that kind of thing. Chris and I went out for an evening alone and my faithful momma came and watched the boys for us. I was reviewing their evening with Ethen as I was putting him to bed and asking about various things they had done.

Robin - "Did you have fun with Grandma Judy?"
Ethen - "Um...yes, I did."
R - "Did Grandma turn on the sprinkler for you guys?"
E - "She didn't."
R - "Did Jude-Jude get hurt?"
E - "He didn't."
R - "Did you get hurt?"
E - "Um...yes"
R - "Did Grandma kiss it better?"
E - "It feels better."
R - "Did you know that Grandma Judy loves you soooo much?"
E - "ACTUALLY, I DO...."

And there you have it folks, Grandma Judy loves Ethen and he knows it!

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The Eddy's said...

Aaaaawh! That is so amazingly sweet, I love it!