Tuesday, October 21, 2008

1/2 Way There...Sorta

Well, today is day 5 and Ethen is doing "O.K." with the patch. He asks pretty often to take it off and if it "beeped yet". I turn the microwave timer on so he knows just when to take it off. Since we are here at Denay's place I decided to give him extra incentive (daddy's favorite candy bar: snickers (mini)) when he was all done. He did really well. Dora helped pass the time?!

We stayed last night with Denay at her new apartment here near OSU. Then, tonight we'll stay at my friend Peggys house in Keiser. I went to High School with her. We played sports together and then went our separate ways after school. We hooked back up when we had kids together. Her son Cole is 2 and she is about 11 weeks along with #2. Yeah!! We look forward to meeting her new little blessing.

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