Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Big News in the Webb Home...

We found out some really great news today.

Yep, it's true...we are expecting our third baby. I have no clue when the due date is. I'll find out at the beginning of December. If you've been prego before, you know it's not entirely a surprise when you find out, as women have intuition even beyond physical symptoms. The other day I kinda didn't feel good and had the thought. The next day I went for a run and it seemed almost overwhelming---I made it though! And, I've been feeling kinda sick a little bit in the evenings, but nothing too bad. I am not a morning sickness person, I am an evening person. With the boys, I never got really sick thankfully! So, it will be a fun process. It's seems to be baby season in blog world!


Reese said...

Hooray! Congratulations!

- Cherise and Kiel

Jenni said...

Congratulations you guys! That is exciting news, baby number 3! You guys are well on your way to catching up with the Burns' :) Sorry I didn't get your call yesterday, I was at homeschool co-op and then just had a really busy evening. Hope you are feeling well! Look forward to hearing when you will be due, and how you are feeling. Oh what fun it would be if you had a little girl! :) Bless you Robin, and thanks so much for your calls lately, I appreciate your thoughtfulness. Blessings!

mommarazzi said...

I knew it!!!


Anonymous said...

i get surprised when i hear people getting pregnant... i forget that just because i am SO done with having babies, that doesnt mean other people are done too! (=
kids are so wonderful though!!