Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Feeling Yucky is Yucky!

I feel so yucky most of the time and it is irritating because it feels like my days are dominated by feeling blah! The boys are pretty understanding and that is so great! Chris is very empathetic which is awesome! He is such a good hubby!!
For those of you who want details, I haven't thrown up yet, but there is a good amount of times I feel like I want to. I can't say that I have morning sickness, it seems to be any time of the day, a few times during the day?! It seems like my worst time of the day is the evening, just before bed. It's lame! The good thing is that I am not gaining a bunch of weight. Soup and salad is so good to me right now! So, there you have it...that's the update!

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