Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It Snowed!!

Well, quite pathetically, but it did. It didn't stop the Webb Cookie Day from happening. I took a few pictures of the snow at our house as the day went on, but now that it is 6pm, the snow is all melted and it is just raining. The cookie making was quite eventful. I enjoyed having my mom and sister over for the whole day and getting to bake all those cookies. We made 9 different kinds of cookies, totalling about 12-13 plates to give away.
Here's a few of the plates left over...and Judah's idea of helping!

Here is the snow at 11am on our back deck....

It began snowing about 1pm...looking pretty good, huh?!

Well, after all that time, it still didn't really accumulate here...bummer! Maybe tomorrow!
*In case you were wondering what kind of cookies we made, here's the list:
Chocolate Chip, Crinkle Cookies, Press Cookies, Jam Thumbprints, Peanut Butter Cookies, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Peanut Butter & Ritz Sandwiches covered with Almond Bark Chocolate (That's obviously not the official name?!), Double Chocolate Walnut Clusters and finally Oatmeal Raisin! Whew!

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