Thursday, February 26, 2009

A First...

Well, we took the plunge...our first sleepover! It went so great! If this is how they normally go, then wow...we are doing these way more often! The reason we had it was for our good friend Ethan's 5th birthday! Today is his special day, but we gave him his present last night! We just couldn't wait.

Here's the bunk bed boys!

Like I said, we didn't wait for his birthday to give him his presents. They got just a little time before bed to play with the train set.
Bed time went so great. We played a little bit with toys then got ready for bed. After a bible story and prayer, we talked for just a couple minutes and then not another word came from the room until this morning. WOW! Ethan woke up to some freshly made pancakes (by his request) and we are just playing. We may go in the hot tub later too. At first Ethan wanted to go in, but now he's not so sure.

Here's the birthday boy! He's 5! Congrats Jared and Misty! You have a wonderful boy.

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Jared, Misty, Ethan and Lilly said...

LOL, that last pic looks like he's still sleeping. Sounds like they had a good time. I love my little man! Happy Birthday kido, can't wait to see you today! Amore!