Wednesday, March 18, 2009

He's got Scarlet Fever

My poor little guy. I took Ethen to the doc today and she looked in his ears and mouth, and saw the rash on his back and determined 90% chance it was scarlet fever. So, a strep test of the back of the throat and 7 mins later it was for sure. Bummer. At first I was kinda scared, cause I've heard of people in our grandparents generation and before that died from it. The doctor was so non-concerned though. I told her that it sounded kinda scary, but then she basically said the same thing that I found online. It is basically strep with a rash/fever. According to WebMD, "Scarlet fever rash looks like a sunburn and feels like a fever". He doesn't have a fever, but his skin was hot and fevered. Kinda odd. Like I said, he did throw up 2 nights ago, but he is over that...thankfully.
He needs to take amoxicillin 2x/day for 10 days. She said that once he got his first dose in him that he would feel lightyears better...and she was right! His cheeks were getting pretty red (like they were sunburnt) and now they are barely red, just 3-4 hours later! Yahoo! I am so thankful for modern medicines...and the power of God!

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Grandpa Mac said...

Sure am glad he's feeling better. Tell him Gramma & Grandpa are bringing him a little something from the coast. And have him watch the mailbox in the next couple days for a postcard from the beach. See you this weekend.