Thursday, May 21, 2009

$10 Well Spent!

I was out and happen to stumble upon a garage sale the other day and found something great! A bike that will fit Ethen for only $10. Well spent too if you ask me! As expected, the first day, he didn't quite understand the concept of peddling, but after a couple days of mentally going through it and practicing it with his hands in the air, he gets it.
And now, he likes to do it on his own. He doesn't want our help, except for when he goes down hill. The downhill part is still a little bit scary for him.

So, we headed out to the track just near our house and Ethen absolutely loved it! Judah came too, with his big blue ball!

He went all the way around the track by himself with no help or promptings or stops. What a big boy! I love that he is a big, capable 4-year old, but I don't want him to grow up so fast!

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