Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Eye's Working Great

Well, the new eye must be working well, cause our neighbor brought over some puzzles that she found in her closet and in no time at all, Ethen had out of the bag and put together. (He actually still hasn't opened his eye, it was just a funny opportunity to say that!) I am so impressed with his ability to put things together and figure things out.

Another example of his amazing abilities: we went to an appointment the other day and he just walked over to a computer and started playing the game. I guess Chris has been showing him a little bit about the computer but he was following instructions and playing the game. Amazing! I am so proud of my little guy. Chris and I were just saying the other day how big Ethen is. We aren't ready for him to be so big yet! He is already 4 and still growing so fast.

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