Thursday, May 28, 2009

Talk About Utilization of Space?!

Yesterday's honey-do-list consisted of a little make-over of Ethen's closet. We so want Ethen to have his own room, and slowly Judah's stuff has been moved in. Well, now so have all of Gracie's clothes (I guess I can't say ALL, because she will have more, this is just what we have for now). We put Ethen's shirts down on the bottom right because he kept climbing up on top of his dresser to get shirts all the while "accidentally" knocking the ones he didn't want to wear on the floor.

On each of the boxes and drawers we have little pictures so that the boys can get their own clothes. Or maybe it's just because I am weird and I like labels. Probably the latter. :-) Anyway, it was a lot of fun getting pink in the closet. At least for me. Not quite sure what the boys think of it. It is so cute seeing all the little ruffles and lace-type things...I've been quite deprived.

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Misty Throop said...

Great job! I too love the label idea! It sure helped Ethan to put his own laundry away when he was 2, and get out his own outfits! It certainly helps!