Monday, May 11, 2009


Where to start?
I am now 33 weeks prego. I'll be 34 on Friday...crazy?! These last few weeks have gone by really fast! I am feeling really well. I get tired pretty easy. My morning walks are a moderate pace, but any walking in the afternoon is a ridiculously slow mosey. But, I haven't quite gained 20 pounds, so I know I'm doing well. Gracie is super active and we are both very healthy. I just can't wait to hold her in my arms. I know I've said it before and as the time gets closer to the reality of it, I'll probably say it again and again. I am still fitting in my size 10 (sometimes 12) jeans (low-rise of course) and thanks to our latest trend of longer shirts, I am still in a lot of my normal shirts too. Nice. I know, I need to post a pic soon. Maybe tomorrow I'll get Chris to take a pic of me and my ever-growing tummy. No promises.

Ethen has a pre-op eye appt tomorrow. Yep...pre-op. He has somewhat of a lazy eye in his right eye and we are going to take care of it instead of trying to patch it for the next several years. There will be no outer laceration/incision, it is just a turn of the eye, a snip of the scissors, a dissolvable stitch is put in and we can be on the road once he wakes up from it. I am being somewhat vague for all you who really don't care for surgery details. That is the gist of it though. Wednesday is the actual procedure, so we are anxious and waiting. It is a very simple procedure, so my anxiety level is really quite low.

Monday is another baby appointment. I have been right on track with all my numbers, measures, and levels (whatever all that means). I think after this one, I'll have to go in once a week. One thing that is pretty cool is that I have a friend who is basically due the same day as I am. We are both having girls too. Pretty cool. I kinda want to get a few of the same outfits and take a few pics of them together. I know, I'm silly. But you like me, cause you are still reading?!

Judah is just about to turn 2 years old. He had such a great time at Chuck E. Cheese's for Ethen's birthday, so we decided to go back there again. I know that the games that he'll play are quite limited, but with a little guy like him, that's all that matters. He doesn't know all the other games are there anyway. We have decided that Judah is much more of a sports guy and obviously Ethen is the superhero lover. It is neat to see the differences in them. Chris made a great summary of both of them in saying this: When Ethen puts a superhero outfit on...he becomes the person. When Judah puts a superhero outfit on, he is still Judah...just in some silly clothes though. You can see it in their faces of the pictures we take. Very cute!

Since Gracie is coming in only 5-6 short weeks, I didn't want to have back to back parties on the next couple of weekends, so we decided to have a shower for her on June 13th here at my house. If something changes, I'll let you know though. We decided to have a shower because we don't have any (very few) girl clothes. I have a lot of boy stuff obviously, but need girly stuff. Of course, diapering items are always welcome too!

In case you were wondering about how Ethen is doing regarding the Post Streptococcal Reactive Arthritis, he is great. There are some rare days that he'll say something about his knee hurting, but it is nothing that keeps him immobile. He is quite active. We have stopped all meds and we are continuing the every 4 weeks penicillin shots. This is kind of lengthy, but hopefully it makes sense. Here is the reason we are doing the shots. When someone gets sick, the body works to fight it off. Some people have stronger systems against sicknesses. Once your body is healed, it builds up antibodies to fight that same sickness if/when it comes again. We had Ethen tested a month after he had his strep and he had NO strep antibodies in his system. So, to avoid going through what we went through recently with him, we are boosting his system with the penicillin shots. Kinda rough one day a month, but I think as we do more, he'll get used to it. Morbid, isn't it?!

Well, I guess that's about it. Kind of a lot, but if I missed something...just ask. Thanks (and good job) for making it all the way to the bottom. And if you just skipped to the bottom, I guess you missed out.

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Robin Gracie's shower is the same day as Henry's!