Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I am So Sad!!!

I watched the Jon and Kate + 8 episode last night (not in it's entirety) but I was pretty sad to see that they are divorcing. What a tragedy! Eight little kids are now going to be thrust into the statistics and pushed and pulled between 2 disagreeing parents. One comment that Kate made that kind of sealed my frustration towards her and Jon is this: (not exactly word for word) "her and Jon did the show for the kids and they are still going to do the show because she wants to provide what the kids want (meaning by using the monies from the show, she can give them the life they want, while capturing the memories from their childhood)". Oh, it is so on!! Ask any kid what they want more: A 2 PARENT HOME??? or MONEY AND TV CREWS IN THEIR EVERYDAY LIFE WITH SEPARATED DISAGREEING PARENTS??

Not too hard if you ask me?!

I'm not a total jerk though. I probably won't watch the show anymore, not that I already watched it regularly, but I kinda kept up with what was going on. I am just really sad that the kids are now in the balance between 2 parents and 2 lives. Really sad! I do understand that there are 2 sides to every story and I am sure that Jon and Kate really were having a hard time with their marriage, but I, like your probably, wished that they would have chosen a different alternative. I don't have the answers for them, I am not God. But couldn't they have stopped the show for a season to get their marriage on track? Or couldn't they have made marriage counseling part of the show? Or could they have done anything besides divorce? Another sad part to me is that the TV world loves seeing reality like this, and just as Kate said on the show last night, her kids are now a statistic, where their parents divorced. Hide and watch, things will only go downhill from here as far as the kids attitude and maturity. Kids need their daddy...and not just during arranged times.

So, I'm praying for the Goesslin family and I hope you'll join me. I'm sure there are other TV families that need prayer too, but this really made me sad for God's little kids, all 10 Goesslins.


Anonymous said...

ok i dont watch the show but i do about them and was hoping and praying they would just work on their marriage and not end in divorce! i am also very saddened by this!!!!! those poor children ): i absolutely think they should end the show, that is a no brainer... i will be praying for them to change their hearts!

Jenni said...

So very heartbreaking that this couple feels more obligated to honor this TV contract than their covenant of marriage.