Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Beautiful Boy

I gotta say it .. he's easy on the eyes. I love his cute little face. I have to admit this ... before I had kids, I swore that I wanted all my kids to have blue eyes (same as me). But, when Jude came out with those beautiful brown eyes, I fell in love immediatly! Chris is super handsome to me and he has brown eyes, but I guess I had a preconceived idea that I wanted blue for some reason. But, I think Judah is just absolutely beautiful with his brown sugar eyes! I love you Jude Jude! You are amzing to me!!!
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mommarazzi said...

Brown eyed blondes have more striking looks ( I think) then blue eyed blondes. Rowan has brown eyes and light hair and it looks like Henry might as well. We have 4 blue eyed and 4 brown eyed kids. Though Joylynn and Alyssa's eyes are changeable (blue-ish grey to green-grey) depending on what they are wearing. Courtney and Cam have blue blue like their dad. My mom had brown my dad hazel. My grandmother had brown and my grandfather blue. Brown is dominant. So Chris has to have a recessive blue gene for your kids to have blue eyes at all. Isn't genetics fascinating?

I think Judah is adorable too!

jacquelyn said...

i agree he is beautiful!

Misty Throop said...

Hey busy momma! I'd LOVE to see some new pics of your gorgeous kiddos on here... Can't believe Grace is already 7 months now! Time flys! Hope Christmas, New Years, and now school is going well for you!

Lots of Love,
The Throops (Misty)