Friday, November 17, 2006

It's my birthday, and I'll cry if I want to.

It really will be my birthday tomorrow, but no tears tonight (nor tomorrow). I'll be 30. However, it is so wierd sometimes during pregnancy that at rare times I will feel like crying for no reason. Not 'no good reason', just no reason at all. Other times I feel like warmed over death, sick stomach, and all around yucky. Other than that, most of the time I feel pretty good. As long as I get my daily nap, I'm good. Today was an hour and a half. Yipee! I don't exactly have a ton of energy, but I can't wait for the time when Chris and I will find out if this baby is a girl or boy so that I can start going through my old baby clothes from Ethen and sorting them out to use again, or to pack away for the next little munchkin. We should find out in late December, early January. We are not really the patient types, I guess Chris and Jenni aren't either. I voted for a girl to even out the Burns household. My friend Misty is having a girl also, and so I Sabrina. All right, Tammy, are you having a girl too? It may be the year of girls. We are all due before the summer I think.
On another note, I can't wait for Christmas. Not the whole presents aspect, just the christmas lights, the atmosphere, the decoration, the cheerfulness, you know...the holiday spirit. I look forward to the smell of cinnamon or apple crisp smelling up my house, and Michael W Smith Christmas CD playing, while Ethen pulls more ornaments off the tree again. This year, I would really love some snow, so all you (ok, just you Kristen) that have an abundance where you live, please send some my way for the holidays...Thanksgiving would be great, but preferably Christmas. I'd love to have a white Christmas. All for now. Peace.


Jenn Turner said...

Happy Birthday Robin! Don't worry...the 30's are awesome. Life only gets better from here :)

Jenn Turner said...
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Tamara Nash said...

Robin! E-mail me with your address! I didn't know it was your birthday, you little stinker! I love you! I loved reading your post. I can hear your voice in your words. Things are going well right now, in spite of it all. God is good and is helpig me think and feel and act right. He is so good. I hope you get snow too. I was talking to someone the other day and I said, "i really hope it snows this winter." I got a really funny look. Wouldn't that be a miracle. They suggested that I go to the big island. Ha! That's an idea! Well, send me your address. Love you!

Jim and Tammie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Can't believe you are 30!!! Hope you have special day!!
I can relate to the sickness - I am just crummy 24/7 for almost four weeks down. I look forward to this stage to be overwith, so I can really celebrate this new life.

Emily & Olivia said...

Happy Birthday! I miss you and think of you often. I hope that sometime you guys can come down to Colorado and visit...Maybe for my wedding?? I know Kristen will make room. :) Love ya much
Emily U (soon to be Brinkley)