Thursday, January 11, 2007

Here's Judah!!

Here he is! And boy, was he active. The ultrasound was quite long due to him moving around so much. The purpose of the ultrasound at this point in pregnancy is to determine the health of all of the anatomy (meaning does the baby have all the toes and fingers, a heart, lungs, kidneys, all that kind of stuff), and the gender is just extra.
The picture on the left is a little scary to me, it is the verification that he has both eyes. (Funny, but not so funny story: the nice lady doing the ultrasound once had a family member born without an eyeball, so that is one thing that she always checks from them on.) He does have eyelids, but since they are so thin, you can see right through them in an ultrasound. The dark in the middle of the eyes is obviously his irises.
The right hand picture is of him showing off his strong right arm. One comment that she made was that he was 'quite shapely'. I am not sure if that meant he was a little hefty or what. Another thing is that she said due to his size, I may be a little further along than suspected. He looks 19 wks, 4 days; instead of 19 wks today! That would be nice...we'd get to meet him sooner!
We are very excited and expentant to have him here. He will be such a blessing! Congrats Garrison, you won the argument!

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Chris and Jenni said...

Yeah! How exciting, you guys will be so happy with two boys. It's really fun! And they will be the best buds so close together, bless you as you plan :) Love you guys, congratulations! So are you surprised? Did you think he was a boy or were you expecting a girl?

ethensMOMMY said...

We really didn't want to have any expectation either way, but our 'plan' was to have 2 boys, then 2 girls. Obviously the Lord is in complete control, not us.

Sabrina said...

Congratulations!!!! That picture cracked me up. So, what has been your secret to having sons??? :)

(Not that we are going to try again)

ethensMOMMY said...

God's will...I can't take any credit.