Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I Can't Wait?!

Tomorrow morning we will find out the gender of the baby. We have a couple friends that have name wars and it will end in the morning. When she says 'Grace McKenzie', he responds with 'Judah Gary' and they go back and forth arguing just as sibblings do best.
I had my first 'gender dream' last night. I dreamed it was a girl. The most important aspect though is that the baby is healthy. God knows what we need (and want), so we've left it up to Him. I'll blog when I get home from the doctor...hopefully we'll get some good pics too!
In other good news, my friend called me today and informed me of her wedding plans....great news: August in Hawaii. Could it get any better?! This is our anniversary month, so we'll have to make it a dual purpose trip. Congratulations dear friend!


Jenni said...

Yeah, I can't wait to hear your news, but have you ever thought that your baby might not cooperate like ours did, or I guess I should say didn't? If you can't find out do you think you will have another ultrasound? Love you!

ethensMOMMY said...

Great question. I would be disappointed that we weren't able to find out, but we'd just take it in stride and like you said...probably do another ultrasound. You know how us impatient kids are!

Chris and Jenni said...

My insurance will only cover one ultrasound unless there is something wrong. I would have been really disappointed if we didn't have at least one of each this time but since we have both girl/boy stuff (kind of) it doesn't really matter that much to me this time. I think it will be fun being in labor and not knowing :) I hope you find out today!

Chris and Jenni said...

OK Robin, was the ticker at the top of your page pink before? Did you change it because you found out the gender today and are trying to keep us in suspense? Come on Robin, we need an update! :) Love you!