Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Nothing much but life.

Well, I haven't blogged in a while. Not much has been happening. I just got back from a couple short out-of-town trips that were quite refreshing. First was a few day trip to Black Butte, Oregon where the Duckworth family and the three of us went to a cabin and did 'nothing' for a few days. It was so refreshing. No news, no TV, no agenda and the like! We got home Thursday evening and then I headed out (with my mom) Friday afternoon for Silver Falls, Oregon for the Calvary Women's Retreat. My favorite aspect was allowing my gift of gab to be used while there. :-) I really enjoyed just getting to connect on an adult level. I'm sure you moms know what I mean. I had a good time with my momma, and with Misty and Lilly. They are doing quite well. Lilly is a littel princess. I missed Chris and Ethen terribly though. Of course there was no reception out in the boonies where we were at the reteat center. Beautiful place though.

On a prego note, I am 33 weeks and feeling good....but big?! I know that I probably don't look all that big, but I sure feel it. It seems as though my stomach is as big as when Ethen was born, and I have 7 weeks left. Yikes. I am doing well with my energy level and health. No real complaints except that I feel like I don't have any clothes that I can fit in...girls hate that. Well, enough complaining. I should be more glad that we aren't stuck with moo moo's like the older days. :-)

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jeff & marisa said...

I can't believe you are having another baby! Congrats! I haven't been up on my bloging this last year but I'm back and hoping to catch up quick. I am so excited for you.